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Amazing O Quy Ho pass – Daunting destination for tourists

If you love taking adventures on challenging routes of Vietnam, then O Quy Ho pass is definitely a pass that you can’t miss when making your best tour to Sapa – one of the most favorite destinations of adventurers who choose Vietnam for their adventuring journey.

Well, no wonder why O Quy Ho is one of the 5 most daunting passes in Vietnam’s northwestern region, because among the other exotic names, like Ma Pi Leng in Ha Giang province, Khau Pha in Yen Bai, and Pha Din between Son La, Dien Bien province and Ngoan Muc Pass in Ninh Thuan, O Quy Ho still has its own beauty and magnificence which can inspire any adventure lovers at first sight.

O Qui Ho Pass - Amazing O Quy Ho pass – Daunting destination for tourists
O Quy Ho Pass

The challenging O Quy Ho pass which can attract any adventurers

O Quy Ho Pass locates in Tam Duong District, Lai Chau province and one third of Sapa District. Across the magnificent Hoang Lien Son range of mountains, O Quy Ho Pass, the unorthodox “King of Northwest Pass” holds the record for a length of up to 50 km and the top of the pass at an altitude of nearly 2.000 m, known as “Heaven Gate”.

This pass is truly a major challenge for long-distance drivers, by providing dangerous roads, a deep abyss in one side and other side, high mountains. However, if overcome fears and climbed to, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the clouds floating like a fairy realm.

O Quy Ho pass %E2%80%93 daunting destination for tourists2 - Amazing O Quy Ho pass – Daunting destination for tourists

A tour by motorbike to O Quy Ho pass can be one of your most memorable experiences

So, it is not surprising that O Quy Ho is often mentioned with enthusiastic desires to conquer by the adventurous travelers. As the most tortuous and difficult pass in the Northwest, its risky hairpin curves attract and challenge all kind of adventurous motorists.

However, these trials reward successful explorers with victorious thrills driving through the limitless curves there. Standing on the top of O Quy Ho with the sight over the horizon, the endless sky and limitless mountains are spread beneath one’s view, mixed with the looming green fields and endless tracks around the mountains. The rivers of clouds above flow in the windy sky build up the nostalgic atmosphere that provides tourists the feelings of being wild birds.

A visitor from Hanoi once told me that: They have crossed O Quy Ho pass by motorbike twice, once in the daytime and once under a full moon. They had two very different experiences. Under the full moon, the view from the pass was extremely beautiful and romantic.

O Quy Ho pass %E2%80%93 daunting destination for tourists3 - Amazing O Quy Ho pass – Daunting destination for tourists

This place is truly a gift of Mother Earth

Blessed by nature, O Quy Ho is one of the most attractive destinations in northwestern Vietnam, its beauty offers tourists a majestic landscapes.

And if you are looking for a tour to explore this pass, then taking a tour to Sapa, and especially a stop by O Quy Ho pass can give you a precious chance to explore a great number of other scenic spots there like Thac Bac (Silver) waterfall, one of Lao Cai’s 10 most beautiful waterfalls. The road over O Quy Ho pass has been upgraded making the trip easier for tourists. At 2,000 m above sea level, you can see an ocean of clouds.

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