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Da Nang City

Da Nang City is a bustling regional hub, not only because it is a dynamic center for trade, sports and education but also the gateway to three UNESCO World Heritage site (Hoi An ancient town,Hue’s complex of Nomulents and My Son Sanctuary). The surrounding area is home to some of Vietnam’s most compelling attractions, including the imposing Hai Van pass, the serene Son Tra Peninsula, the magnificent Marble Mountains, the natural wonder of Ba Na Hill and the myriad of splendid beaches surrounding the city.

Da Nang is the country’s third largest city and continues to grow, increasingly hosting luxury resorts, and major events, including international marathon, golf tournaments and fireworks display

When the city lights up at night, Da Nang offers you a breathtaking sight: the display of lights on two of iconic bridges of the city. The Han River Bridge is covered in beautiful lights, while the Rong Bridge is shaped like a dragon and breathes fire at certain times of the day. These two bridges play an important role in everyday life in Da Nang. Not only do they awake the commercial potential of the city but are also a point of pride for locals, iconic monuments of Da Nang left for future generations.

Just take a walk down a riverside street to feel the city at night, and enjoy a fantastic meal at any of the city’s top-notch restaurants. Combining poetic river scenery with warm hospitality, Da Nang has become a favorite destination for domestic and international tourists.

Da Nang City also has an international airport with many direct flights every day from all over the world.

Da Nang - Da Nang City

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