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Fabulous beauty of Bac Son Valley – The valley of sunshine

Things to do and see in Bac Son Valley

It is not a surprise that Bac Son is an unpopular destination for tourist, but that is the reason why the valley is not packed with tourists and retains its wild beauty.

Bac Son Valley Vietnam - Fabulous beauty of Bac Son Valley - The valley of sunshine
Bac Son Valley – Breathtaking Scene from Above

The first time you step in Bac Son Valley, you will immediately notice the peaceful countryside of Vietnam. Take your time to relax, breath the fresh air and enjoy the fantastic escape from the busy modern life.

There are several local villages in Bac Son Valley, but we strongly advised you to stay in Quynh Son Village. This is the home of Tay people, the Vietnamese ethnic group, and contemplate their traditional stilt houses. Tourists may want to stroll around the village and explore the rich culture and custom. If you need to refill your energy, the friendly villagers will always happy to prepare the meal for you. Other than that, an old family factory is available to visit which produces tiles in the region. Their secret method has been used to provide essential materials for stilt houses of the villagers.

bac son valley 31 - Fabulous beauty of Bac Son Valley - The valley of sunshine
Authentic Local Village

However, it will be a waste without trekking to Na Lay Mountain and see the view from the vantage point. From the foot of the mountain, visitors will have to travel to the top till they see the phone tower. Here, you can reward yourself with the stunning scene of Bac Son. The bright sunshine combined with vast green fields, blue sky, and magnificent mountains are enough to win over every tourist.

bac son valley 41 - Fabulous beauty of Bac Son Valley - The valley of sunshine
People Gathering to Capture the Landscape

Tourist can enjoy another form of entertainment including cycling to Nong Luc Temple. When traveling in this mountainous area, you will have to take the challenging path through forests and hills. It is possible to stop midway and capture the traditional house or beautiful scene into your camera. After reaching the ancient banyan tree, Nong Luc Temple is ready for you to visit. For those who do not know, this is not only the cultural destination but also the historical place. Nong Luc Temple was a Vietnamese communal house marking the ancient design and architecture. Nonetheless, on the 27th September 1940, this location was used as a meeting place for the Bac Son Revolutionary Campaign.

bac son valley 61 - Fabulous beauty of Bac Son Valley - The valley of sunshine
Significant Vietnamese Building

You may not have a lot of choices for accommodations, but homestay is the best options there. The most wonderful factor about homestay is that you can contemplate the life of the host up-close and interact with them. It is also extremely interesting to enjoy the meal with the host and explore the traditions of the village. Although there are not many modern facilities, the hospitality of the local is make up for it.

bac son valley 7 - Fabulous beauty of Bac Son Valley - The valley of sunshine
Strolling around the Village

How and When to travel from Hanoi 

Bac Son is just 100 miles from Hanoi and can be reached through a small selection of transportation. The cheapest way is by bus, but you will have to catch one in the station and walk to the homestay when you arrive. Motorbike is an extremely great option for budget, adventurous travelers. You can both take picture of the landscape on the way and venture around Bac Son to your heart’s content. The disadvantages are that you may need decent health and knowledge about the region. Lastly, even though private car is available all around the capital of Vietnam, we would not recommend this way since it is quite expensive.

bac son valley 8 - Fabulous beauty of Bac Son Valley - The valley of sunshine
The Harvest Period

July and November are certainly best times to visit Bac Son, even though the area is green year-round creating impressive views for photographers. During both of those periods, the rice fields are ready to be harvested and the landscape is covered in the yellow color. If you cannot afford to arrive during harvest time, Bac Son Valley will still be a great destination for your travel to Vietnam.

  • Source: Vietnam Excursions
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