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Hanoi Fabulours Food & Sights Tour

The food of northern Vietnam is famous throughout the world. Hanoi is the heart of this gastronomic culture and with Paloma Motorbike Tours you will experience a large range of these foods over the course of the tour.

bike tour - Hanoi Fabulours Food & Sights Tour

Whether it is hidden Street Food Stalls, Small Local Restaurants or a Massive Bia Hoi Restaurant with a view, the tour will find the perfect food scene to satisfy your gastronomic desire.

From the rich history and charm of the Old Quarter and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to the relaxed atmosphere around Lake Tay Ho you will see all parts of Hanoi in the allocated time at a safe, relaxed pace.

The tour will give you a wonderful perspective of the city’s most popular and historic sights and you will have many of opportunities to get off the motorbike and take lots of photos.


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