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Tien An bat cave – the forgotten ‘Jurassic Park’

Located in Tien An commune, Tien Phuoc district, 35km far from Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province and over 100 km from Da Nang city, Tien An bat cave issimilar to Jurassic park with its natural beauty and fossil rocks.

About 20km from Tam Ky city,you will come to Tuong Dai crossroad of TiTien An bat cave – the forgotten ‘Jurassic Park’ - Tien An bat cave – the forgotten ‘Jurassic Park’en Tho commune, Tien Phuoc commune (at the stele and statue marked Coc tree’s struggle), turn left about 15km, then cross Ong Cai hole and the dam of hamlet 3, Tien An commune, Tien Phuoc district, toward the bat cave.

The surrounding landscape includes a tortuous and sloping road and even a hill and mountain.

Hills are fully covered by green bushes and creepers, and some rugged and black rock-tops.
The complex of Tien An batcave consists of two limestone caves formed millions of years ago. Astonishingly, the cave is at the foot of the mountain because of its outdoor shape, so also called Dong Thien (Thien cave) but the cave below is at the top with two small entrances, named Fairy cave.

It is difficult to discover the Fairy cave because the torch is not full of light. Here you can see bats.

Inside is a dry stream with pebbles and sky-high rocks.

Many large stones have strange shapes…

Escaping the cave, you can see other rocks in different shapes of lizards or the huge crocodiles turning its head.

A slit in the rock with the creepers and the sunlight, surrounded by the sounds of birds and insects.

It seems to be a time of the old age of dinosaurs.

Or in the shape of a boat, a row of faces toward one side…
The image of a giraffe also could be found on the rock if trees are cleared.

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