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Top things to do in Hoi An – Vietnam

Top things to do in Hoi An #01: Taste all of the the nightly street food stalls

When night time comes, the Old Town of Hoi An becomes a paradise for foodies. With so many options to choose from, it is definitely hard to decide what to have for dinner!

My best suggestion? A hearty portion of Bun Cha: vermillion noodles with BBQ Pork and (if you’re lucky) crab spring rolls. Are you feeling the hungerlust as well? Read all about the different dishes of Vietnam here!


street food in Hoi An - Top things to do in Hoi An - Vietnam
Street food in Hoi An

Top things to do in Hoi An #02: Take a walk in the historical Old Town of Hoi An

Considered by many as the most beautiful Old Town you’ll ever find in South East Asia, the historical area of Hoi An is a very interesting mixture of French and Vietnamese architecture.

The best part? Only bicycles and pedestrians are allowed so you don’t have to worry about being run over by a motorcycle which is a very big relief when it comes to places like Vietnam!

Old Town of Hoi An - Top things to do in Hoi An - Vietnam
Old Town of Hoi An


Top things to do in Hoi An  #03: Get amazed by the lanterns that adorn the city by night

If you thought that Hoi An was already beautiful during the day, hold on your seats since you ain’t seen nothing yet my friends! Sure, Hoi An in the day is cute but Hoi An in the night it’s just plain magical!!! Just look at those magical lanterns!

The lanterns of Hoi An Vietnam - Top things to do in Hoi An - Vietnam
The lanterns of Hoi An Vietnam

Tip of Wonders: If you’re looking to have an epic drinking night, be sure to get together with a significant group of friend to receive some nice freebies from the many bars in the Old Town. Who wants some free shisha and cocktails?

Top things to do in Hoi An #04: Explore the charming countryside of Hoi An

If you’re tired of seeing the architecture and magic of the Old Town, get ready to embark on an epic adventure exploring the countryside of Central Vietnam: plantations, fishermen boats, water buffalos, bamboo bridges and more await you just a few minutes outside of Hoi An!

Wanna take things to the next level? How about joining a motorbike tour and let a local guide show you around some of the best places of the Hoi An countryside? Read all about my motorbike tour in Hoi An here!

Hoi An Countryside Motorbike Tour - Top things to do in Hoi An - Vietnam
Hoi An Countryside Motorbike Tour

Top things to do in Hoi An #05: Drink “Bia Hơi”

After doing the sights in town (temples, ancient houses, chapels, the covered bridge) head south over the central footbridge to An Hoi islet, whose riverfront is lined with bars offering ice-cold glasses of the daily-brewed refreshing lager called bia hơi at cheap prices (less than 20p a half pint).

Bia Hoi in Hoi an - Top things to do in Hoi An - Vietnam
Street food stalls by the Thu Bon river

It’s delightfully light, with only around 3% alcohol, so it’s easy to while away a couple of hours sipping and watching boats without feeling worse for wear. Try The Island (Dong Hiep Entertainment Area, Hoi An 51000), at the eastern point of the islet, for Thu Bon river views and waterside tables. Spend a few dong on a packet of little, salty, locally grown peanuts from a street vendor, and you’re all set.

Top things to do in Hoi An #06: Hit the beach

The nearest beach to town, Cửa Đại, has a severe erosion problem, exacerbated by winter typhoons, which saw most of the sand washed away from the seafront. An Bang beach, further north, is a more appealing prospect, with much less development and plenty of soft sand.

Cua Dai Beach 1024x615 - Top things to do in Hoi An - Vietnam
Cua Dai Beach

Cycle there from town (it’s about 5km) and several persistent old ladies will try to charge you to park your bike, but turn off the main road on the lanes parallel to the sea to left or right and the many cafes and restaurants will let you park in return for purchasing a few drinks.

Buy lunch as well and they’ll throw in an umbrella and a pair of sunbeds. There’s also plenty of space for those who want to rock up and lie on their towel.

Practical information about Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is basically the center of Vietnam and here is where travelers meet on their way to either the South or the North of the country given them plenty of opportunities to join some of the many interesting Vietnam tours that can be found in this wonderful land.

If you’re going North (or if you’re coming from there), I definitely recommend you renting a motorcycle to go through the Hai Van Pass, one of  the most beautiful roads of Vietnam which connects Hue with Da Nang (from which Hoi An is just a few minutes away).

Where to stay in Hoi An, Vietnam

Accommodation in Hoi An is mostly focused in the area surrounding the Historical Old Town or directly at the beach that is a few miles away.

Here’s a list of my recommendations for all types of budget: Goda Boutique Hotel, Hotel Almanity Hoi An, Mango Garden Hoi An Homestay, Gia Bao Hoi An Backpackers.

PS. You can make a booking for this and more properties via our Vietnam Tours

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Sweet deal, uh?

Sunset at the Old Town of Hoi An - Top things to do in Hoi An - Vietnam
Sunset at the Old Town of Hoi An

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