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Valley of Love – a romantic scenery in the highland city of Da Lat

Located about 5km to the northeast of Da Lat City’s centre, the Valley of Love is considered as a beautiful “Poetic Girl” of dreamlike Da Lat City


In the early 20th century, the Valley of Love was a rendezvous for young couples at the weekends, so that the French named the scenery as Vallée D’ Amour (Valley of Love in English).

With total area of 137.3ha, Valley of Love is surrounded by some hill-tops (namely Vong Canh, Dia Dang, Uyen Uong Ho Diep…), grass covers, forest of casuarinas which is green almost year-round, and in particular Da Thien Lake containing water from many streams on the mountain. This beautiful lake is 13ha in area and has a Love Lock Bridge where the couples hang locks on to wish a faithful love.

In the season of mimosa flowers, from Vong Canh hill-top, visitors can see the panorama of Da Thien Lake as well as the Valley of Love.

In addition to taking pleasure in the Valley of Love’s beautiful scenery, enjoying delicious dishes in Vallée D’amour Restaurant, visitors also have a chance to experience a variety of exciting services such as pedalo or canoe on Da Thien Lake; games of shooting paintball gun, high wire, zipline; riding horses around the valley area; team building…. Of which, a great choice for visitors is to explore the heart-shaped Love Maze created by 24,000 green trees with the area of over 4,000 metter square.

The Valley of Love has been recognized as a National Landscape since October 1998.

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