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Vietnam Natural Beauty

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The terraced fields and mountains covered with fog in Sapa, northwest
Vietnam always make viewers be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty.
Those who go to Sapa can walk on trails to explore everyday life and
experience the unpredictable weather changes here.
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The interlaced system of canals and rivers in the Mekong Delta shows
the waterway culture in South Vietnam. For centuries, people here have
lived mainly on the rivers. They wash, bathe, travel by water, washing dishes,
exchanging and earning their living in the river.20121214155717 4 - Vietnam Natural Beauty
Hoi An town is regarded as the culinary center of Vietnam and selling
street food is a thriving business. The sellers process the same cuisines
day after day for many years, to become more skilled and create their own brands.

20121214155717 5 - Vietnam Natural Beauty
Hanoi is the capital, thousands of years old, which converges all the
quintessential beauty of the country with many ancient temples and
tangled small streets. On each street, vendors sell everything from fruit
to souvenir photos for tourists and locals.

20121214155717 6 - Vietnam Natural Beauty
More than 2,000 limestone islands have made the unique beauty to help
Ha Long Bay become one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches.

20121214155717 7 - Vietnam Natural Beauty
Hanoi is very beautiful when you sit behind a motorcycle, the major means
of transportation of people here, to travel small streets here. Looking from above,
motorcycles, cars, and cyclos on the intersection of Dinh Tien Hoang and
Hang Dao create beautiful light rivers.

20121214155717 9 - Vietnam Natural Beauty
Hanoi is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with a population
of over 7.1 million. Currently, the total number of motorcycles in the city
is more than 3.5 million, making quite crowded traffic and traffic
congestion during peak hours.

20121214155717 10 - Vietnam Natural Beauty
The Hanoi Opera House was built between 1901 and 1911, is a French style
building from the colonial era. Currently, this is still a venue
for major musical events of Hanoi.

20121214155717 11 - Vietnam Natural Beauty
Agriculture plays an important role in Vietnam’s economy, contributing
more than 20% of GDP. Farmers from the suburban areas often carry
vegetables to the city and vendor on the busy street.

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