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Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night

This Where to go in Hanoi – Vietnam at night for beginner will give some best places in Hanoi either you are a quiet person or a dynamic one. It doesn’t matter if you are an early bird or a night owl, you will always fall for the beauty of Hanoi at night. If you are tired of hearing about The Huc Bridge, Ngoc Son Temple or Hoan Kiem Lake and trying to find something new, this post is what you need.

Old Quarter

You may never skip out this crowded area once visiting Hanoi but what makes Old Quarter so distinctive is its night market spreading from Hang Dao street to Dong Xuan market. The night market is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6 pm to 11 pm.

This is the best shopping area in Hanoi where you can find everything from fabric, handcrafted goods, clothes to lacquer ware, embroidered goods, phone accessories etc. They are not very pricey but if you are a smart customer, bargaining is not a bad idea.

Dong Xuan market - Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night
Dong Xuan market

Not mentioning about food street must be a big mistake. The most famous culinary street in Old Quarter is Hang Buom Street. If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy Vietnamese traditional food from “Pho”, “Nem chua ran”, “Cha oc” to popular snacks and drinks like chips, cheese stick and bubble tea, here is the place where you can buy them all with quite reasonable prices.

Besides, there are traditional art performances in every Saturday night such as: “cheo”, “xam”, “quan ho”, “ca tru”. This is the reason why Old Quarter is always the best place to hang out in Hanoi at night for both locals and visitors.

Hang Buom street - Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night
Young girls wearing Vietnamese traditional clothes selling food on Hang Buom Street
Vietnamese traditional art performance - Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night
Vietnamese traditional art performance at Old Quarter

Ta Hien Street (Beer Street)

When you feel exhausted wandering around Old Quarter, it’s just great to find a plastic chair to sit down and order a super big beer mug on Ta Hien Street? This street is also known as beer street and is located in the central of Old Quarter. Ta Hien Street is a small street but the most hustling and bustling place in Old Quarter.

Here you can find almost every kind of beer especially Vietnamese traditional beer, which is a little bit sweet and pretty light. What’s more relaxing than holding a beer mug, eating snacks and chatting with your friends in a very friendly happy atmosphere after a hard working day. You also can “Cheer” to strangers naturally and become their friends right away. This is why beer street is always full of energy and happiness.
Hanoi by night - Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night
Hanoi at night – Ta Hien street

Hanoi West Lake

If above activities are just too noisy and crowded for you, Hanoi West Lake is another good option. West Lake is famous for the beautiful scenery and also the biggest freshwater lake in Vietnam. You can walk along the lakeside and enjoy the cool atmosphere when the sun comes down.

Recently, hiring an electric bicycle to stroll over the lakeside has become more and more popular. Along the way, there are some beautiful coffee shops that you could stop by for a drink while watching the nightfall on West Lake.

West lake hanoi 1024x682 - Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night
Overview of Hanoi West Lake at night
If you want some yummy food, don’t forget to try West Lake ice cream and “Banh Tom” (shrimp cake) on Thanh Nien Street. They are among famous eateries at this area.
Banh Tom   Shrimp Cake (2) - Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night
West Lake “Shrimp Cake”

Quang Ba Night Flower Market

 This is the place for people who want to have some peaceful moments after a long busy day. The difference between Quang Ba night flower market with others is the opening time: 12 am. This is also the best time to visit the market because there are not too many people around.
You can find many tropical flowers in here with half price. It is said that flowers bought from Quang Ba market are the most beautiful flowers in Hanoi. You will fall in love with this place when the bulb lights shine on thousands of beautiful flowers.
Quang Ba flower market - Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night
Midnight beauty of Quang Ba flower market


roses at Quang Ba flower market - Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night
Beautiful roses at Quang Ba flower market

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Are you looking for an art performance theatre in Hanoi? Thang Long water puppet theatre is what you need. There is water puppet show from 3:30 pm to 9:15 pm every day. The ticket price is 100,000 vnd for an adult and 60,000 vnd for a child.
The content of each water puppet show is about the daily life of Vietnamese farmers. It could be about harvesting, tending buffalo, building a house or based on the legendary stories about Vietnamese Kings and Gods. The puppets are controlled by puppet artists in the water but the audiences can’t see them. This is a distinctive traditional art of Vietnam that attracts many foreigners come to see every year.
water puppet show - Where to go in Hanoi-Vietnam at night
A scene in a water puppet show – Thang Long water puppet theatre
This post is dedicated to visitors that love exploring unusual and interesting places in Hanoi. There are 6 places mentioned above but you know Hanoi is way better than that. To answer the question “What to see in Hanoi at night?” – It must be a very long list of what they are. If you want to know a full answer, just backpack your stuff and begin your journey to find out best places in Hanoi.
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