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Best cafes in Hanoi old quarter

Best Cafes in Hanoi Old Quarter

It is a shame if you do not visit one of the cafés during your trip in Hanoi, especially when Vietnam is the home of the best coffee in South East Asia. If you wonder about which place to enjoy Vietnamese coffee, we will introduce you all the best cafes ...

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The appeal of eel

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The appeal of eel Northern eel soup is a cultural and gastronomic touchstone In life, it is easy for people to forget dishes they have enjoyed, because these dishes do not make any impression on their tastes. But Nghe An’s eel soup is unforgettable to anyone who has enjoyed it ...

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Vietnamese food at its best half way around the world

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This American couple has developed a serious appetite for real Vietnamese cuisine. Living in the U.S., David H.Chiem and his girlfriend Amber share a strong love for Vietnamese dishes, and they have decided to share them with the world on the Instagram account @davidthefoodie, a combination of Amber’s cooking skills and ...

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