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Nuoc mia, or sugar-cane juice


Sugar-cane juice is a type of drink commonly found in Vietnam as a refreshing drink during the hot Vietnamese climate. In the hot weather like Vietnam, people know sugar-cane juice as a natural beverage that is delicious and cheap. Therefore, sugar-cane juice is so popular in Vietnam and is available ...

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“Banh khuc”, so delicious!


Banh khuc is a traditional cake of Vietnam and so delicious! The cake is a rice ball made of glutinous rice mixed with cudweed (khuc)-most important ingredient and filled with green bean paste, pork, and spices. Cudweed grows during lunar January and February, when the drizzling rain lasts all day, ...

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Winter treats of Ha Noi


When winter arrives in Ha Noi, fried sweet potato and banana cakes will become favorite foods of Hanoians and visitors. Stalls selling hot potato and banana cakes have begun appearing along the streets in the capital. The smell of the cakes makes passersby’s mouth water and the heat from the ...

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Seven traditional Vietnamese family recipes

Saigon fresh summer rolls 011 310x165 - Seven traditional Vietnamese family recipes

Uyen Luu, author of My Vietnamese Kitchen, gives her recipes for fried tilapia, sizzling crepes with pork and prawns and omelette baguettes Saigon fresh summer rolls This recipe is from Saigon but every region has its own take on fresh summer rolls. Although they are great for special occasions, they ...

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