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Top 5 Best Bars in Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam

Top 5 Best Bars in Ho Chi Minh city
When it comes to nightlife activities, Ho Chi Minh city must be a hot spot for night owls when the sun goes down. Residents and tourists can indulge in EDM music parties or melodious jazz songs while enjoying gorgeous glasses of cocktail and spirit.
Bars in Ho Chi Minh city are quite diversified to choose, ranging from classy lounges in district 1 to more casual street bars. In this article, we list out 5 highest-quality bars (mostly rooftop bars) in Ho Chi Minh city.

1. Chill Skybar

Chill Skybar Skybar Area 14 1024x684 - Top 5 Best Bars in Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam
Chill Skybar

Needless to say, Chill Skybar is the top bar in Ho Chi Minh city which owns stunning view and ideally romantic location. Standing on this rooftop bar, you can view the whole city in different vivid colors and everything from here looks quite luxury and lavish. A big plus for this place is the menu with various cocktails and delicious food by famous chefs from foreign countries;

However, it would be very expensive if you miss out the daily happy-hour promos from 11pm onwards. So if you want to join this bar, don’t hesitate to track down the location at 19 Lam Son street, district 1. Sometimes, the discount 30% for groups will start at 10pm.
Opening hours: 11pm – 3am
Tel:+8483827 2372

2. Rex Hotel Rooftop Bar

Rex Hotel rooftop bar - Top 5 Best Bars in Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam
Rex Hotel Rooftop Bar

Another luxury bar in Saigon night tour should not be missed out is Rex Hotel rooftop bar in 141 Nguyen Hue street, district 1. Tourists can get a better perspective of the city when arriving in this place since Rex hotel is quite a piece of history with great ambiance inside. The best outstanding drink of the bar is mojito cocktail (the mixture of alcohol with lime).

Although the food here is quite pricey, it is definitely worth it. Imagine you look downside from the terrace, observe the flow of traffic while listening to some piece of music. You probably would say “Wow! What a nightlife in Saigon!”
Opening hour: All days from 10pm to 2am
Tel:+84 829 2185

3. EON Heli Bar

Eon heli Bar - Top 5 Best Bars in Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam
EON Heli Bar

Located on 51st floor of Bitexco Tower – the tallest giant in Saigon, EON Heli Bar is quite prominent as a gorgeous princess among other bars in the city. Especially the spacious dancefloor made by tropical trees is one of the featured things here that makes people fall for it from the first sight. Moreover, friendly staffs along with great food and drinks also contribute to attract a lot of customers coming to the bar. Daily happy-hour promos often start from 5 pm to 8 pm.
Opening hour: All day from 10pm to 2am
Tel: +84862918751

4. Saigon Soul Pool Party

saigon soul pool party - Top 5 Best Bars in Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam

If you are outgoing, playful person, Saigon Soul is the most highlighted bar in Ho Chi Minh city. This place is always fun with many friendly people with beautiful pool view of New World hotel where you can both immerse yourself in refreshing cool water and sing loudly in awesome deep house music played by Vietnamese and international Djs. Lifeguards are arranged in many positions to prevent unexpected cases. One of the best things in Saigon Soul is low price of food and drinks in comparison with other bars. Check in New World hotel at 76 Le Lai, Ben Nghe ward, district 1 and you will find the entrance ticket for shimmering night party only 150,000 VND for one person.
Opening hour: All day from 10am – 10pm except for Tuesday
Tel:+84 122 734 8128

5. Caravelle Hotel – Saigon Saigon Bar

Saigon saigon bar - Top 5 Best Bars in Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam
Caravelle Hotel – Saigon Saigon Bar
The bar is set on top of Caravelle Hotel, the heart of district 1 at 19-23 Cong Truong Lam Son street, Ben Nghe ward. It has a real vibe, charming view with long history dating back to the 1960s. On weekends at night you can enjoy music by a funky band from Cuba. The service for both food and drinks is friendly and polished and also has extensive choice for all kinds. Do not miss out happy-hour discount up to 50% which occurs from 4pm – 9pm
Opening: All day from 11am to 11:30pm
Tel: +84 838234999
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