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Ha Giang the most beautiful in the north

It takes about five hours by car from Hanoi to reach the town of Ha Giang, 320 km north of Hanoi. From there you have to cycle 200 km to reach the limestone plateau that spans Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac District.

Du Lịch Hà giang 300x200 - Ha Giang the most beautiful in the north

At first, the road is quite flat, so you can enjoy the typical architecture of the houses and corn fields on both sides of the Nho Que River. Then you take national highway 4C, also called the “Road of Happiness” to explore the starling sites.

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Crossing Bac Sum Pass, you’ll come to Co Tien Mountain in Quan Ba District. Then, you’ll cross Yen Minh district to reach the Dong Van Plateau.

Tourist Tuong Vy said, “On the first day out of Ha Giang I thought the road was not too difficult. But on the second day I realized what a twisting road, hairpin turns, and steep slopes are. But its worth it for the scenery! The view is fantastic. I have acrophobia but traveling along this road was a way to test my courage. I am very happy to have succeeded”.

Ma Pi Leng Pass in Meo Vac District is renowned for its extreme danger. The 200 km road was built between 1959 and 1965 by young volunteers from 16 ethnic groups living in the eight northern provinces of Vietnam. The tunnel at Ma Pi Leng Pass is 20km long.

It was built in 11 months by courageous people who were determined to pave the road for Mong ethnic people in 4 remote mountain districts of Ha Giang.

Tuong Vy shared, “I did not know the road was called the” Road of Happiness “. Traversing this road is a real pleasure, as the scenery is beautiful. Access is not easy, but we are very pleased to have been able to do it”.

co tien mountain dong van plateau ma pi peng
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