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Top 5 tourist destinations must-see on your trip to Vietnam

Here are Top 5 tourist destinations must-see in your trip to Vietnam where visitors can not only enjoy the natural beauty of nature, but also can touch the landmark and utter a proud voice: Vietnam.

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October Ha Giang is beautiful as the cheeks of her village of high regions. Come here, you will hardly discover the passageway pass not to go, rocky cliffs identical message.

Come to Ha Giang, we are also captivated by the beauty of the rice terraces, golden ripe rice season or the triangular flowers of the immense triangle that gentle …

One point you can not help but stop watching is the Mountain Management – the masterpiece of nature. Then select the Yen Minh hill for a dozen km long as a getaway.

If you still have a lot of energy, roll your backpack and conquer Ma Pi Leng – one of the four passes in the North.

From here, explore Dong Van ancient town with its triumphal fortune and its characteristic triangles, or find the Lung Cu flag pole – the northernmost point of Vietnam.

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Set foot on the edge of the message of the mountain range, each of us cannot resist that shouting: “I love Vietnam”. Standing in the middle of the sky is a yellow flag with 54 square meters representing 54 ethnic groups, always fluttering in the frontier of the country is also a destination that you do not want to miss.

With the extreme north pole, south pole – Ca Mau land – again sweet as the flow of alluvium. Just land on this land, you will know what is “love at first sight”.

Thousands of mangrove forests and immense wave of water, Ca Mau forest land will make our hearts soften. “Ca Mau is very cute” will make you feel exactly how calm.

The people of the West, passionate; the mangrove forests are close; The irresistible power of fishes and shrimps with anyone who landed on the land of the rich.

Mui Ca Mau, South Pole is located more than 100 km Ca Mau city with two symbols that all visitors have to put the camera on the click: country coordinates (GPS 0001) and the ship surfing to the sea.

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If you have more time to stay, visit the mudflats – the last land of the Fatherland. This place is called “land hatched, forest walk,” day still need to encroach the sea.

Sunrise on the beautiful mudflats with the sun rising, the three sides, muddy dancing on the surface, wood forest fluttering “wake up”.

Breath full of the land of heaven, you just understand how lucky you are when witnessed this moment.

For visitors, the most emotional destination is probably Western A Pa Chai, Dien Bien.

This is not only the fork of the border (Vietnam, Laos, and China), where one hour of chicken crows all three countries to hear, but also the hardships in the journey to explore the country.

But when you have overcome that journey, facing the marble column with the national emblem, watching the village sleep in early frost, let the clouds fly over your head and every drop of sunlight on your shoulder, you will find yourself unique in this world.

With a heart pounding for emotion, every visitor feels like a lost child in the arms of his mother, the lonely bird wings find shelter in the sky.

This love, although invisible, but now we can hold. The proud of the fatherland, no matter how “sleep” how long, now suddenly boiling hot.

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Chu Lien (Phu Yen) is the destination of many people to list the places to visit.

This place is quite easy to visit and owns many unique check-in points: landmarks, Dai Lanh lighthouse – where the first sunrise in the land of Vietnam, Bai Mon, the canopy of flowers yellow, green grass

Standing on this side, I tremble for the beauty of the sea. Looking up, the heart filled the majesty of the mountains. The gentle nature of the natural beauty that each traveler must be immersed in and stop the pace, attachment to not leave.

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3,143 meters above sea level, Fansipan is the highest mountain in Indochina. Touching the landmark, standing on the Hoang Lien mountain range, watching wild mountains and forests … is the wish of most Vietnamese people.

Before climbing Fansipan, Sapa – misty town, flower town, love town also makes visitors attached. Feeling at the top of the high mountain, surrounded by white clouds floating smooth, watching the gentle sun dive down the mountains will be the experience you cannot forget in life.

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Sacred and majestic is, but all 5 wilderness extremely large points are not easy to reach. Difficulties come from isolated geographic locations, remote locations or extreme climates, difficult terrain, or even cultural differences in the region. Spread over the map of the country, these five places not only have stunning natural beauty, dining, and unique local cuisine, but also marks the territorial sovereignty can not infringe.

So far, very few people have gone through all 5 sacred points on this map S, even the players. Many people can go on separate journeys to each point, and accumulate them in the long run. But the number of people who can conquer all five poles in just one trip is a very modest number

“With a guy like me traveling, the ‘4 pin pole’ tour is really special. This journey offers the opportunity to reach these extremes to the vast majority of people. More than a tour, this is a journey that brings a lot of exciting experiences as well as to more understand and love about the homeland, “said Ngo Huy Hoa, author of” Vietnam Step 4 pole 1 peak “share.

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