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Top 4 tourist attractions in Kep and Kampot

Top 4 tourist attractions in Kep and Kampot, you should not miss. Kampot and Kep are the provinces of Kingdom of Cambodia where pass to the sea. They rich of resorts, natural recourse, waterfalls, rivers, mountains and tourist destinations. Whenever, visitors arrive Kampot and Kep province, most tourists will test seafood and fish sauce. When they returned home, they always missed those memorable seafood and crab sauce’s taste. Everyone knows that Kampot’s fish sauce is taste good, spreading through word of mouth from one to one another. Besides relaxing at Kep seaside, tourist also extend their visit to waterfalls, durian plantation, Boko Mountain and beautiful cloud at there.

1. Boat Kayaking

Boat Kayaking kep angkor.co  300x200 - Top 4 tourist attractions in Kep and KampotMany beautiful resorts are in Kampot province, especially along the freshwater creek in Kampot. Cambodian traditional wooden houses were designed and built in a bungalow with beautiful view of paddy fields, especially most resorts are located next to the bank of the creek which allowing tourists to swim and boat Kayaking in the creek as well. You can canoeing nearby the resort. However, we advise you to try rowing along small creek toward to Green Cathedral Loops, which is the focal point of a small creek. It would take about two to two and a half hours. You can also try other fun activities at Les Manguiers Kompot or at Champa Lodge Resort.

2. Visiting Rabbit Island

rabit island kampot ankgor.co  - Top 4 tourist attractions in Kep and Kampot

When reminding to the islands in Kep, every tourist will not forget to visit Rabbit Island, regardless of national and international tourists. Traveling out of Kep by boat along with boat for about 20 minutes, you will see a white sandy beach with plenty of coconut trees are aligning in the rows. Rabbit Island is a delightful place for a family’s vacation or a gathering of friends.

Apart from swimming at the beaches (boat landing ports), you can walk around (Trekking) around the island to the other small coastal such as white sand beach with fresh deep water but it’s a bit quiet there.

More than that, you should not miss to fishing by boat with neighboring islands villagers that you can row Kayaking and Snorkeling to see sea fish and flowers. Then massage and relax on the beach and enjoy the sunset on the island.

Staying on the island of about 1 or 2 nights is enough. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the accommodation and food yet as there you can find any kind of food and accommodation you like easily.

3. Visiting sunset at Spin Mountain and trekking at pepper plantation

spin mountain angkor.co  - Top 4 tourist attractions in Kep and Kampot

In addition to the beaches and islands, Kampot has many other leisure places for you to visit. You also can trek, climb the mountain and breathe with fresh air as well as see the sunset from the top of the spin mountains that would completely reduce your stress from work. To do that you need some guides from local villagers. To reach there, you have to travel about 15 km from Kep.

To take effective and more fun of your visit, we recommend you to visit the spin mountain in the afternoon and return back to relax at some resorts there, such as The Vine Retreat Resort. In the morning of the next day, you can visit durian plantation or vegetable garden at there. You would then can eat fresh vegetables that cultivated there.

4. Visiting the Pub Street in Kampot

Pub Street kampot angkor.co  - Top 4 tourist attractions in Kep and Kampot

The Pub Street in Kampot is quieter than Siem Reap. Bars, shops and a pub shops are lined along the streets. Along the river bank is lighted up with different colors which is accompanied by soft music with romantic atmosphere, generating a refreshing and delightful time.

We also would like to recommend some famous bars. They are the floating bars. The floating bars have small chairs (made from car tires) covering with soft mattresses so that you can sit with comfortable. The floating bars are decorated with tiny lights, highlighting the romantic night along with different kinds of food, snacks and beverages. This great experience is recommended for you when you visit to Kampot province.


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